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Ahmadiah Enterprise

Individu Jahit Pukal Small
Perak Seri Manjong

Provide all denim repair needs regardless of what brand they are.

Servis dan Kepakaran
This includes denim darning to repair holes and thin parts of jeans, leg tapering service to reshape the profile of the leg from the thigh down, and even down sizing service to reduce the waistband size.
Kemahiran Khusus
Drop them off at the workshop directly. All services are done in-house at the Denim Workshop in Seri Manjung, Perak and not outsourced to a third party. We have all the correct machines, thread and expertise to work on jeans correctly.
Business Name Ahmadiah Enterprise
Tailor ID 516
Jenis Servis Individu Jahit Pukal
Saiz perniagaan Small
Lokasi Seri Manjong, Perak
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