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In order to protect the personal information of customers using the MyBaju, a website for Malay traditional wear or Malaysian traditional clothing (hereinafter, “Service”), which Japase Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) provides, or personal information of customers, which the Company has acquired for providing the Service, the Company will, in addition to observing any and all laws, regulations and guidelines relating to personal information protection, handle the personal information as follows:

Article 1 (Definition of Personal Information)

For the purpose of this policy, the personal information has the same meaning as the “personal data” stipulated in the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 2 (Use Purpose of Personal Information in the Service)

The Company will never use your personal information, which the Company has acquired through the Service, beyond the scope of the use purposes without your own consent. The Company will properly handle personal information that the Company has acquired, within the scope of the following purposes:

  • (1) to verify your identity,
  • (2) to provide the Service (including posting products on the website),
  • (3) to bill you for usage fees or late charges,
  • (4) to make various communication associated with the use of the Service,
  • (5) to confirm the validity of your account number or credit card of the bank for payment,
  • (6) to manage sales,
  • (7) to customize information in the Service and advertisement delivery to match with your age, occupation, sex, interest, etc.,
  • (8) to enhance or improve the quality of the Service,
  • (9) to ship products,
  • (10) to deliver or send advertisements or promotion,
  • (11) to notify suspension, cancellation or contract termination of the Service,
  • (12) to respond to an act violating the use terms of the Service, or to prevent such violating act,
  • (13) to notify a change in the Company’s terms or policies relating to the Service,
  • (14) to respond to a dispute or suit,
  • (15) to inform about the Service, or to respond to an inquiry,
  • (16) to temporarily store for backup in association with the operation of the Service, or
  • (17) for other purposes associated with the services of the above items.

Article 3 (Change of Use Purpose)

The Company may change any of the use purposes set forth in the preceding Article, within the scope reasonably considered sufficiently relating to the purpose before change, and when making such change, the Company will notify to you or announce it by the method separately specified by the Company.

Article 4 (Acquisition of Personal Information)

  • 1 The Company will duly acquire personal information, never using deceptive or otherwise unjust means.
  • 2 If the Company acquires any personal information by any means other than through your use of the Service, the Company will in advance notify to you or announce the use purpose by the method separately specified by the Company.

Article 5 (Posting Photos on Website )

  • 1 In providing the Service, the Company may post on the website the photos that the Company has taken or photos provided by the customer to the Company. If the customer request the photos to be deleted, the customer shall do so in writing and the Company may delete the posting.

Article 6 (Security Management)

  • 1 The Company will take measures necessary and appropriate to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, or otherwise to safely manage personal information.
  • 2 If the Company consigns the handling of personal information in whole or in part to a third party, the Company will in advance enter into a nondisclosure agreement with such third party with content in line with this policy, and will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure that personal information will be safely managed at such third party.

Article 7 (Handling of E-Mail Address)

  • 1 In order to prevent loss, theft, damage, alteration or leakage of or illegal access from the outside to your e-mail address acquired through the use of the Service, the Company will observe the laws, regulations or other rules relating to personal information, and will endeavor to protect it.
  • 2 In order to protect your e-mail address, the Company takes measures to make your e-mail address inaccessible by anyone other than limited company members with the authority.
  • 3 Regarding notice required to be communicated to customers, such as “important announcement,” the Company sends it to all customers.

Article 8 (Use of Cookie or Other Technology)

  • 1 Some pages of the Service’s website use the technology called cookies or other similar technology.
  • 2 The cookie is technology as the industry standard for the web server to identify your computer. A cookie is able to identify the customer’s computer, but unable to identify the customer as an individual. Some browsers allow you to disable the function of the cookie by changing the settings, but by doing so, you may become unable use all or part of the services on the website.

Article 9 (Handling of Access Log)

  • 1 The Company acquires access logs and conducts analyses to operate and manage the Service, to prevent unjust acts, or to improve the service quality.
  • 2 Access logs are acquired in a way that any information identifying individuals is not included.

Article 10 (Transmission and Storage of Personal Information)

  • 1 As the Service is operated on the Internet via the network of servers placed in Singapore, your personal information will be mainly transmitted to the server placed in Singapore, to be stored and processed on the server. For using the Service, you must agree that your personal information will be transmitted to and stored and processed on the said server.
  • 2 Even when your personal information is transmitted abroad, the Company will ensure that the information will be handled in accordance with this policy. Moreover, the Company will take the measures necessary and appropriate for your personal information to be protected properly in transit and in the country to which it is transmitted.

Article 11 (Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information)

The Company will not disclose or share with any third party your personal information without your consent, except for cases where such disclosure is allowed under the Personal Data Protection Act or other laws and regulations; provided, however, that this will not apply to the following cases:

  • (1) if the Company consigns the handling of personal information in whole or in part to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the use purpose,
  • (2) if the Company entrusts the payment system company, credit company or bank with personal information of yours using the Service, in order to bill you for usage fees,
  • (3) if the Company entrusts a delivery company or delivery destination of a product with your personal information, in order to ship the product to you,
  • (4) if the Company provides personal information in association with business succession for merger or other causes,
  • (5) if a court, police or other public agency requests disclosure under laws or regulations,
  • (6) if each personal information is accumulated or analyzed to provide statistical information, and disclosed as such statistical information upon processing into a form unable to identify individuals,
  • (7) if you commit an act in violation of the terms of service, etc. stipulated by the Company,
  • (8) if you have, within the Company’s services, committed or are to commit an act causing damage to others or disturbing public order, and the Company takes legal or other measures therefor, or
  • (9) if there is immediate danger to a human life, property, etc., requiring urgent disclosure.

Article 12 (Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information)

  • 1 If you desire that your own personal information will be disclosed in writing, corrected (e.g. to make addition) or deleted, or if you refuse to allow your information to be used or provided for a third party, please request as such by sending by mail the application form with a document necessary for identity verification (or for confirming authority as an agent, in case of application by an agent) to the address below. If you request disclosure of your personal information or notification of the use purpose in writing, please, for each application, enclose in the application form to be sent postage stamps as a fee for the actual cost required for the Company to answer in writing by registered mail. In case of change in the charge for registered mails or the registered mailing system, the said fee will be also changed. In case that the above fee is short of the amount or not enclosed, the Company will ask you to submit again.

Japase (M) Sdn Bhd (1100493-A)
Tower A-16-10, Menara UOA Bangsar, 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 159000 Kuala Lumpur

“Customer Support”

2 Having received an application under the preceding paragraph, the Company will, upon verifying identity, disclose personal information or otherwise respond to the request within reasonable scope; provided, however, that this will not apply to cases where the Company is not obliged to disclose or otherwise respond under the Personal Data Protection Act or other laws and regulations.

Article 13 (Inquiry)

Please contact the following for any comments, questions or complaints, or other matters concerning the Company’s handling of personal information:

Japase (M) Sdn Bhd (1100493-A)
Tel: 012-330 8536
E-mail: support @ my-baju.net
(Inquiries, etc. are accepted from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays only)

Article 14 (Organization and Structure)

The Company will appoint an officer in charge of the personal information management, appropriately manage personal information, and continue to improve the management thereof.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)

The Company will assume no obligation in the following cases:

  • (1) If you disclose to a third party personal information yourself using a function of the Service or other means, or
  • (2) If you become identifiable because of information that you have entered yourself on the Service.

Article 16 (Change of this Policy)

The Company will review from time to time the practice regarding the handling of personal information and endeavor to continuously improve the same, and may change this policy as necessary without obtaining your advance consent. A changed policy will become effective immediately after a notice is made on the Company’s website, except for cases where the Company stipulates otherwise. However, if the Company makes such change as requires your consent under laws or regulations, the Company will obtain your consent pursuant to the method stipulated by the Company.

Article 17 (Other Matters)

The services provided by the Company may have a link to other service not managed by the Company, and the Company will assume no liability whatsoever for its content or protection of personal information in such external service.

[Last updated on 22nd August 2016]
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