Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyBaju ?

MyBaju is a platform for requesting quotation for Baju Muslim and Muslimah order made from Tailors or tukang jahit in Malaysia. MyBaju website which is consists of Tailors listing by location area in Malaysia. Each Tailor whom registered with MyBaju is provided an online advertisement page. Visitor of the page may request quotation directly to the Tailor by clicking the request for quotation (RFQ) button in the Tailor’s page and submitting the RFQ form.

Tailor is given access to page admin and may edit the contents of their own page. Tailors are provided with 3 cover photos slot and unlimited product photo slots to further promote their business. MyBaju helps to connect Tailors with customers all over the country. Requests include personal order or bulk order (jahit pukal).

How user make request for quotation (RFQ) to tailor ?

Users can request for quotation from specific tailor by clicking the request for quotation button in Tailor Page. The RFQ will be assigned especially to that Tailor. If User request for quotation using the button in home page, our consultant will attend to that request and select tailor for User based on among others, item details and location.

What happens after user submit the RFQ form to MyBaju?

After receiving user request, our consultant will call or whatsapp user to get further clarification and to explain important procedure to user.

If user cannot be reached, we will contact tailor and get preliminary price before discussing with user or customer.

Individual/personal order type: After the price, delivery timing and conditions are agreed, we will request user to deposit 20% or total order to us as deposit for the order. Balance 80% to be paid to tailor upon completion item.

Bulk Order type: Bulk order will depend on discussion and case by case basis. It might be the usual case MyBaju will require 20% deposit to be paid by customer to MyBaju.

We will give tailor information to user including address and location after deposit has been paid to MyBaju.

Next stage is user can meet tailor to send material or to discuss minor details.

What is the main role of MyBaju ?

MyBaju search for tailors plaform and provides live consultation between tailor and customer. We provide potential sales or order made baju to tailors and provide introduction to tailors based on our list of tailors. MyBaju follow up the production by tailor until completion, however MyBaju does not guarantee the quality or delivery, does not make inspection on tailor and not liable to any loss by customer or tailor. Customer is encouraged by MyBaju to fill up the online survey form or completion form to leave comments for tailor. We send the survey form link to customer after item delivered.

Who do I contact if I have queries or problems with Gold Plan ?

You can directly email to us:
Or, you can WhatsApp/call to our customer relations number: 012-3308536

Is there any branded Tailor in MyBaju?

We are open for any tailor to register in MyBaju including branded Tailors, and some branded Tailors have registered. Often times, the tailors that joined MyBaju are the ones making baju for the branded baju muslimah and hijab.

I forgot my password. Can you give me the password?

The password you created is your secret and we do not keep the password. In the login page, please click Reset Password, and create a new password.

I do not have any photo that is good enough for my page. Can you provide for me?

We encourage Tailors to pay close attention to choice of photos because it is the main attraction.

I could not pay using my debit card or I do not want to pay with my card, is there any other way to pay ?

Yes, you can pay with Online Bank Transfer. Please make inquiry to our support team at 012 330-8536 whatsapp / email for payment link.

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