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Zal's Shop

Individu Jahit Pukal Small
Putrajaya Putrajaya

Just send me the style you want, I can work it out for you! Instagram : @zalsshop

Servis dan Kepakaran
Alteration, Clothes Re-Design, Re-Sizing, Mass Tailoring of New Clothes for boutiques. You can send your own materials, or can use ours, contact us for the material samples.
Kemahiran Khusus
Beading, Tailoring, Alteration, Design Consultation (I'm an ex-Assistant Architect in Government and ex-Boutique Owner)
Business Name Zal's Shop
Tailor ID 319
Jenis Servis Individu Jahit Pukal
Saiz perniagaan Small
Lokasi Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Jenis-Jenis Design/Fesyen
Slip V-Neck Side Slit Hi-Lo Top
V-Neck Back Kimono Cardigan with Hidden Front Pockets
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